We offer a comprehensive suite of services aimed at addressing the unique environmental, agricultural and social challenges of the Dawson Catchment area.

Our services are designed to foster sustainable land management, enhance ecological resilience, and support the local community and economy. Through these tailored services, DCCA is dedicated to nurturing a sustainable and prosperous future for the Dawson Catchment, ensuring it remains a vibrant and resilient region for generations to come.

For Landholders

  • On-Farm Monitoring: Annual on-farm monitoring services that provide precise, data-driven insights, empowering you to make informed decisions that optimise productivity and sustainability on your property.
  • Agronomic Support: Our facilated agronomic advice service delivers property-specific, cost-benefit analyses of various options, equipping you with the insights needed to make financially sound and positive decisions for your operations.
  • Erosion Control Solutions: Strategies and interventions to retain your soil, reducing erosion and improving land stability.
  • Grant and Funding Assistance: Help in identifying and applying for agricultural and conservation grants.

For Community

  • Theodore Community Access Room: a vital hub, offering residents, local organizations and visiting professionals a versatile high tech space for meetings, workshops, and community events, fostering collaboration and engagement within the Dawson Catchment area.
  • Environmental Education Programs: Workshops, seminars, and resources to raise awareness about local environmental issues and sustainable practices.
  • Community Development Workshops: Interactive workshops designed to enhance local leadership skills, project management, and community planning capabilities.
  • Cultural Heritage and Local History Projects: Initiatives to preserve and promote the unique cultural heritage and historical narratives of the Dawson Catchment area.
  • Local Economy Enhancement Programs: Support for community-driven projects aimed at building resilience and stimulating local economies.
  • Social Cohesion Events: Organisation and support for community events that foster social cohesion, celebrate diversity, and encourage inclusive community participation.
  • Facilitate Synergy for Scalable Impact: empower community and landholder groups by providing strategic support and resources, enabling your group to serve the community more effectively or neighbourhood alliance to achieve scalable environmental and economic benefits.

For Government Agencies

  • Policy Advisory Services: Grass-roots advice on current environmental issues, demonstrated land management strategies, and identification of sustainable development opportunities.
  • Project Partnership Opportunities: Collaboration on government-funded environmental, agricultural and community projects. DCCA has consistently over achieved on deliverables, such as improved water quality outcomes, hectares of land under improved practices, area of improved land condition, kms of riparian zones protected, # of stakeholders with improved knowledge and skills, # of community groups supported, # of communities where Community connectedness is improved, etc.
  • Monitoring and Reporting: Assistance in collecting, analysing, and reporting data for monitoring and continuous improvement.
  • Capacity Building: In community grass-roots programs for government staff to engage with producers and communities to witness and experience firsthand how programs are developed, implemented and achieve legacy outcomes.

For Enterprise & Private Investors

  • Sustainable Investment Opportunities: Identification and development of mutually beneficial sustainable investment opportunities within the region.
  • Environmental Impact Assessments: Assessments to ensure investments are ecologically responsible.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Projects: Development and implementation of CSR initiatives that align with environmental conservation and community development goals.
  • Market Analysis: Insights into emerging trends in sustainable agriculture, conservation, and community development that can inform investment decisions.
  • Local Presence: DCCA offers industry and private organizations a local regional presence, providing on-ground support to connect and deliver external services effectively within the community.