The Dawson Catchment Coordinating Association (DCCA) stands as a beacon of environmental stewardship and community engagement within Central Queensland, particularly focused on the Dawson Catchment area.

Established with the primary goal of promoting sustainable land and water management practices, DCCA has grown into a pivotal organization that fosters collaboration among landholders, community groups, government agencies, and industry stakeholders. Through its comprehensive programs and initiatives, DCCA strives to enhance the ecological health of the Dawson Catchment, ensuring that its natural resources are managed in a way that supports biodiversity, agricultural productivity, and community well-being. The association's efforts are rooted in the belief that sustainable environmental management is integral to the region's economic vitality and the quality of life for its inhabitants.

Over the years, DCCA has demonstrated a remarkable ability to mobilise local communities towards common goals, leveraging its deep local knowledge and networks to implement effective and innovative solutions to environmental challenges. By adopting a holistic approach that encompasses education, capacity building, on-ground restoration works, and policy advocacy, we have made significant strides in improving landscape resilience and fostering a culture of conservation and sustainability. Our organization's commitment to inclusivity and collaboration is evident in its engagement with a range of stakeholders including First Nations communities. As DCCA looks to the future, we continue to champion the cause of environmental sustainability, positioning our organisation as a key player in the journey towards a more resilient and prosperous Dawson Catchment.

Our vision is to see practical solutions actively employed to boost the productivity of our farmlands and the overall health of the landscape, creating avenues for recognition and rewards for the local community and our partners. Our mission is to remain the go-to local source for actionable advice and support for catchment land managers and stakeholders, while innovating and implementing landscape solutions that enhance the prosperity of both our environment and its communities.

Our well-established presence, with headquarters in Theodore, Queensland, demonstrates our dedication to rural communities, mirroring our organizational values that are deeply intertwined with our community origins. Our governance structure, predominantly comprising local producers, along with a team deeply connected to our small communities, underscores our commitment to regional prosperity and has been key to our sustained success.

Our current priority is to increase investment in our region, undertake local activities and create employment for local people with local networks in our local towns. We achieve this through identification of synergies with relevant stakeholders to ensure wisdom is valued, science is understood, and stewardship is amplified. 

Our Team

Despite our modest team size, DCCA thrives on a vast network of collaborations across various sectors, amplifying regional opportunities through shared investments with like-minded businesses. This collaborative spirit enables us to extend our impact beyond the Dawson Catchment into diverse projects including disaster recovery and agricultural practice change.

For local hiring, our approach is based on fairness of opportunity for people in the immediate local catchment area balanced against a level playing field for all. This involves actions such as identification of vulnerable groups and implementation of education programs, skills training and flexible employment opportunities. In line with maintaining the highest standards of project management and workplace health and safety, our operations are fully compliant with Australian Standards, ensuring both efficiency and safety in all our undertakings.

Our Board

  • Jess Bidgood (Chairman)
  • Brigid Price (Vice-chairman)
  • Kylie Mactaggart (Treasurer)
  • Alicia Reitschlag
  • Cameron Hansen

DCCA currently has one position vacant on our board. Enquiries are welcome at

Operational Staff

  • Charisse Anderson (Chief Executive Officer, and Board Secretary)
  • Renee Surawski (Project Coordinator)
  • Cate Taylor (Landscape Coordinator)